TADA! The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain is now available on ITCH.IO! Happy days are here again!

I hope you enjoy playing this game, it is a passion project, and I love my point & click adventures, so I hope you enjoy this too!

Here's a 'from sketch to screenshot' gif! 


The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain.app.zip 343 MB
Apr 25, 2019
The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain.zip 342 MB
Apr 25, 2019

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your latest update on 4/1/21 doesn't work, the pc zip file is corrupt.

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Thank you for putting it back on itch! I know you had taken it off before and I was wondering what had happened to it.



I didn't know it was even here before! When I searched a while ago all I could find was Steam. 

well glad you’re with us! 😂 I will try and let kore people know!